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North East Lincolnshire SENDIASS Annual Report July 2019 to June 2020


North East Lincolnshire SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs/Disability Information Advice Support Service) provides free, confidential, independent and impartial information, advice and support to young people with SEND and parents/carers of children/young people with SEND living within North East Lincolnshire.


The North East Lincolnshire SENDIASS Team

The team is based at 11 Dudley Street, Grimsby and is made up of a mixture of part time and full time staff employed by Barnardo’s who is host organisation for the service.

  • Increase involvement and capturing of voice of young people
  • Have a social media presence
  • Have a clear advocacy offer
  • Promote awareness of SENDIASS’ role and remit with key stakeholder

  • July 2019: Recruited parents for coproduction focus groups
  • August: Promoted of the SENDIASS training calendar
  • September: Established the ‘Access Pathway’ Coproduction parent group/site visits with Capital Spend parent focus group
  • October: Held advocacy workshop for local parent group reps
  • November: Launched SENDIASS Facebook page
  • December: M&M Young People’s Christmas party
  • January 2020: Completed a stake holders evaluation
  • February: 18th February ‘The Big Event – Our Future’ at Freeman Street Market
  • March: Supported parents at Peer Review
  • April: CV19 lockdown establish remote working
  • May: Adapted all workshops to be delivered via virtual platforms
  • June: All staff trained to IPSEA level 3

  • 427 Enquiries and referrals were made to the service.
  • 15 Parent Groups were held by SENDIASS.
  • Service User Feedback: 96% satisfied with our service.
    • "Your information, advice and support made me stronger and more aware."
  • Facebook:
    • Followers - 156
    • Posts – 125
    • Reach – 4332
    • Engagements -1329
  • 40 Promotional events held or attended by SENDIASS.
  • 60 young people with SEND attended ‘The Big Event – Our Future’.
    • "Glad of help, I would have probably of just quit college without it." - Young person.
  • Stakeholder Feedback 100% found information helpful 97% would service to others 85% thought the service was impartial.
  • Peer Review 2020: ‘SENDIASS is impartial, represented on the SEND executive board and held in high regard by parents’

The Big Event

Our Future for Young People February 2020 Gathering the views of young people with SEND

“It’s been like looking at something I would never do and I’m impressed I did it!” - Voice of Young person.


A group of people holding a sign saying SEND

BBC No Filter Podcast

Listen here to the BBC No Filter Podcast to hear what young people have to say about SEND in North East Lincolnshire:

Views of young people – Feeling Safe & Valued in North East Lincolnshire.


Post-it notes and balloons

Parental feedback following intervention from SENDIASS Project Workers

Parent Evaluation Feedback

98% of parents provided feedback.

"Your service got my son back in full time education." - Parent.


Improved outcomes of the parents/young people who received 1:1 support from SENDIASS Project Workers

"I felt empowered to have a further meeting without SENDIASS being present." - Parent.


Advocacy Workshop

The Advocacy Workshop was attended by 11 parents and practitioners. The parents were from a range of parent support groups who operate in our local area.

  • Really nice mix of SENDIASS staff, steering group, parents and parent reps. Tons of relevant content.

  • That there is more than one type of advocacy and where SENDIASS' role fits into this.
Children's drawing of the word advocacy

Next steps

  • Step 1 – Compliance with National Minimum Standards – SENDIASS jointly commissioned
  • Step 2 – Launch new NE Lincs SENDIASS Website
  • Step 3 – Support parental coproduction
  • Step 4 – Identify and deliver training to stakeholder
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